Cistella de la compra

Escoles Oficials d'Idiomes

Alibri Librería is the bookstore with the broadest and most marked scientific and international character in all of Catalonia, recognized for its extensive bibliographical collection in languages.

We have an area of 1,300 m² for sale to the public with 110,000 books.

Our Language Section has 400 m² and 35,000 books and highly specialized staff in the world of language learning books in more than 100 languages.

We have an exclusive and personalized EOI Order Management Department, with specialized staff with extensive experience and offers the following services:

  • Bibliographic search: Information, search, alternatives and sale of any type of document, both on paper and multimedia.
  • Direct contact with suppliers: Penguin, Hachette, Macmillan, Oxford Press (OUP), ASED, Heinemann, Cambridge Press (CUP), HUEBER, Guerra Edizione, Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Difusion, Hermes , Vicens Vives, Edelsa, Sgel, etc.
  • Budgeting: No obligation.
  • Management, monitoring and personalized attention on the status of orders: Through our department or through our web service, specially designed for EOI, on Consultation and Order Status.
  • Individualized treatment to the needs of each institution: Modes, dates and type of billing, delivery dates, times and dates for sale, monthly operating account, etc.
  • Point of sale at school: Installation, assembly and personnel for the sale of materials on behalf of Alibri Librería.
  • Free expenses on monthly deliveries of books for the School.
  • Choice of copies of an order: Both from our website and from the bookstore you will have, at all times, the advice and support of our section heads for the choice, evaluation and selection of their titles.
  • Bibliographic information service for editorial news: We can present and adapt them according to your suggestions or needs (on paper, email, fax, etc.)
  • Economic advantages: Discounts and commissions to be specified for both the School and the Teachers and Students.
  • Since the beginning of the 90s, Alibri Librería SL has provided services to different Official Language Schools in Catalonia, some of them having a permanent bookstore service such as: